Saint Vox is a self-titled album released by the collaboration between Jade Villalon and violin player Emiri Miyamoto (宮本笑里).

Combining the talents of vocalist, Jade Valerie, and the violin stylings of Emiri Miyamoto, a special collaboration formed, once again produced by Valerie's producer and long-time band mate, Geo, aimed at sampling well known Japanese and Korean classical pieces featured on television or film. Saint Vox establishes many sounds heard in Jade Valerie's present or past musical projects, such as in Eternity and Sweetbox. Some of the sound variations heard on the album include electro, R&B, rock, dance, and world influences.[1]

Samples Edit

"Don't Leave Me This way" is based on Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Energy Flow".

"Rocket Girl" is based on Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence".

"It Won't Matter" is based on “Kaze No Tori Michi (Pathway of the winds)” by Jo Hisaishi from the anime film “My Neighbor Totoro”.

"Electric" is based on “Jyonetsu Tairiku” by Taro Hakase, from the TV documentary program “Jyonetsu Tairiku (Land of the Passion)”.

"Crashing Down" is based on “Princess Mononoke” by Jo Hisaishi, from the anime film “Princess Mononoke".

“Killa” is based on “Cheoumbuteo Jigeumkaji" (in Japanese: 'Saisho Kara Saigo Made'/in English: 'From the Beginning to the End')”, by Yu Hejung and O Sokjun, from the Korean TV drama “Winter Sonata (Gyeoul Yeonga)”.

Release Edit

The album was released in CD, CD+DVD and digital download format on November 25, 2009.

Track listing Edit

All songs written and composed by Jade Valerie and Geo.

1. "Don't Leave Me This Way -energy flow-" 3:27

2. "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence -Rocket Girl" 3:06

3. "No More Songs" 4:03

4. "It Won't Matter -Kaze no Toorimichi-" 3:36

5. "Electric -Jonetsu Tairiku-" 3:37

6. "We Fall" 3:16

7. "Remember September" 3:16

8. "Killa -Sonata in Winter Saisho kara Imamade-" 3:52

9. "Crashing Down -Mononoke Hime-" 3:52

10. "Take The Night off" 3:40

11. "System Down" 3:48

12. "I'm There" 3:58

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