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This is an article about the musical project Jade Valerie, if you're looking for information on the artist, see Jade Valerie Villalon.

In 2007, Jade Villalon, along with her music partner, Geo, left the project name Sweetbox behind to start work on her new music project, titled under her own name, Jade Valerie.

Later that year, Jade released the mini album, Out of the Box, the title being a play on words of the departure from Sweetbox, to critical acclaim. Her 9th album, Bittersweet Symphony, continued to prove new outlook on her musical career was a success, as the album reached positions such as #15 on the Oricon charts. She re-released Out of the Box in Korea, containing some of the tracks from her original album of the same name, as well as many tracks of Bittersweet Symphony. She also re-recorded the song "You Don't Know Me" with guest vocalist Kim Dong Wan.

After her continuing success, Jade released a cover of the Christmas carol "Holy Night" near the end of 2008, for the holiday season.


Out of The Box (Japanese Version)

Bittersweet Symphony

Out of The Box (Korean Release)