Bittersweet Symphony is the seventh album by Jade Villalon formerly of the band Sweetbox, and the second under her new stage name, Jade Valerie. It was released March 5, 2008 by Universal (Japan).

The album contained many ballad influences, and only two tracks contained famous classical pieces. The album also saw a departure from the widely varied sounds Jade has become known for, this time opting for many of the tracks to showcase a typical pop, dance, or ballad sound. It also, for the first time, featured a mainly piano-oriented track, as well as a guest writer for track, "We Can Run".

Track ListEdit

1. Unbreakable

2. Like A Bird

3. Out in The Sea

4. Razorman

5. Living by Numbers

6. The Last

7. We Can Run

8. Stuck With You

9. Lucky Lady

10. Piece of Love

11. Always Mine

12. Undone

13. No, You Don't

14. Empty Pages